Program Sustainability, Restricted Funding, and Budget Reporting

Tue Mar 14, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (CDT)
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Program Sustainability, Restricted Funding, and Budget Reporting

How do you sustain programs and projects during significant budgets cuts or increases? This workshop looks at how some organizations are using time-restricted grants and long-term investments to drive short-term decisions and results. Proper application of management tools will enable leadership to make tough decisions that have broad support; form strategies that allow the organization to respond quickly and effectively to outside forces; and empower the organization to take clear, courageous action. 

*This session is the third of a series of trainings on budgeting and finance. Other trainings in the series will include Financial Reporting and Grant Management; Budgeting for Growth and Sustainability ; Finances, Strategies, and Governing Boards.

Trainer Biography 
Megan Angle is the Partner-in charge of Porte Brown's Not for Profit Practice. With over 250+ NFP clients ranging in size from small startup organizations to those with revenues 50M+ Megan leads her team with one focus- to help your organization have a greater mission impact. By making the financial reporting process more comfortable and streamlined, she takes pride in helping the teams she works with be able to have sound controls and financial management but also encompass efficiency so that organization staff can free time to focus more on programmatic initiatives. As a member of the IL CPA Society NFP Committee (former chair) and frequent speaker on various NFP fiscal management and technical accounting topics, Megan shares best practices learned from clients as well as others in the industry.  

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