Peer Support Groups: Managers & Supervisors with Sonya Crabtree Nelson

Wed Feb 1, 12:00 - 1:00 PM (CST)
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Peer Support Groups: Managers & Supervisors with Sonya Crabtree Nelson

This peer support group aims to provide a safe space for managers and supervisors. Facilitated by a social worker who has 10+ years of middle management experience both in child welfare and in the gender-based violence field, we will reflect, share, and support one another as we claim and implement active strategies to survive and combat the vicarious trauma faced by those in this role. If you have participated in a previous Peer Support Group you may also sign up for this group as well but previous participation is not required.

This group will meet every other week on Wednesdays Noon-1pm.

February 1, 15
March 1, 15, and 29
April 12, 26
May 10, 24
June 7, 21

Sonya is an associate professor, researcher, supervisor, LCSW, parent and partner.  She works in the gender-based violence field to address the issue of brain injury and strangulation in survivors of violence. With over 20 years of social work practice, Sonya has a relational approach to supervision and group work that stems from Relational Cultural Theory. She has also presented at national and international conferences and published articles in peer-reviewed journals on topics related to gender based violence, resilience, and social work practice.

Goal of the Group:
I have found that often times the role of manager or supervisor can be a uniquely challenging one. One can find themselves in the middle of providing support for direct staff while also working to meet the explicit challenges of the organization.  And this is often done without a great deal of support. This group will serve to help foster connection among those who share similar roles. The group will be a safe and non-judgmental space to openly share experiences and with the goal of building connection and gaining tools for self-care and healing.

Group Structure:
·     We will plan for 1 every other week. If there’s request for a schedule adjustment by participants, we can explore that.
·       Registrants are expected to attend all sessions.
·       Open and end the group meeting with Mindfulness practices to cultivate insight building and compassion
·       Discussions can include reflective discussion + specific work issues participants are facing. Participants are encouraged to bring specific scenarios they want to discuss with the group.
·       The first group will focus on connection and trust building in the group. We will also explore the unique positionality of management in our field and the various ways it can lead to disconnect and loneliness. We will also go through some exercises in order to gage and explore what topics are most relevant for the group to focus on in the next meetings.


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